Sonntag, 27. April 2014

Back from Easter break & blog design updates

Hi everyone,

Guess I know myself too well... I have already assumed that I won't get the chance to blog a lot during my hiatus. Even though I have downloaded the app 'blogsy' I barely get the time to blog.

It's always the case... Lots of ideas/ topics/ pictures I want to share but not enough time to write them down.

I can't even believe that my Easter holidays are over and tomorrow is Monday -> back to work *cry* 
At least I have tried to keep my twitter account 'active'. If you have followed some of my tweets you might have read that I visited Prague a few days ago.

Hence, the up-coming posts will be a summary of my Prague trip that I would like to share. Also, what I would like to share is a summary of my first ten-days of '100 happy days' challenge (perhaps, I should change it now to my first twenty-days *lol*). Since I am already over the 10days... And I have decided to back-dating posts as less as possible. Instead just keep going writing. The blogosphere, as I have mentioned in my previous posts and I can't mention/ repeat myself enough is a 'new' experience for me. It's an on-going journey and I don't know where this journey will take/ lead me... There is still so much to discover & to learn...
I have also mentioned in my previous posts, I am working on a blog make-up. Thus, during my hiatus, my blog got a new design/ layout. Do you like the new look? I really do :D I like it much more than the old version. A special thanks here to Christina. If you are thinking of redesigning your blog but don't have the time or knowledge to mass around with HTML coding / photoshop & co - just contact or send her a tweet. She is super friendly & professional.

Besides that, as you might notice my 'header' (about, contact page) looks still pretty 'empty' at the moment. In the up-coming days/ weeks I'll fill these pages... Perhaps even upload a picture of myself... It's not that I'm a camera shy person... The main reason why there are barely pictures of myself on my blog is simply that the world wide web is open to everyone. And if you hear stories from other bloggers, there are some 'odd' people outside... Perhaps that's part of a blogger risk... :p
Anyway, there will be more up-dates to come in the following weeks. Stay turned.

Lisa xoxo

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