Dienstag, 29. April 2014

Fazer Geisha Hazelnut Chocolates

It’s obvious that travelling enhance once horizon. You learn and discover new things, places and food!!

I always like to visit local stores (you will find me mostly at the sweets section *haha*).
I discovered “Geisha” during my Prague trip and I love it so much that I have decided to blog about it even *haha* and I regret that I haven’t bought more packages. It’s so tasty. I can eat the whole package within seconds *haha*

It is produced by a Finish chocolate company called Fazer. I have never heard about this brand before.

Anyway, what called my attention were first the package colour, baby pink; then the word Geisha and the package itself looks quite feminine but elegant at the same time. I had to buy it.
The chocolate taste so great – it doesn’t have this strong/ rich chocolate taste like e.g. Godiva, but just light enough to taste still rich and creamy after good chocolate in combination with a soft touch of hazelnut taste. It doesn’t taste too sugary/ sweet or cheap at all. 
I am totally hooked to this brand.
Have you tried Geisha before? Or any other product by Fazer? What other chocolate brands would you recommend?

Lisa xoxo

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