Dienstag, 8. April 2014

Hitting the Gym

I was indifferent whether I should sign up for another month as I’ll be on holiday in about one week from today… or wait till I’m back. However, I have decided to renew my membership card. I hadn’t been at the gym the whole last week, adding this week plus the days when I’m on vacation… this would easily add up to almost one month without exercise...

Not that this matter, however, after one month break and then back to the gym, my body would definitely notice some differences. For instance, on the treadmill, I would be out of breath after 15/20minish. That’s insane and it will take me about 3 – 5 more visits to get back into my “old” fitness level *lol*
But after one week break, like today, I didn’t notice any difference.

Today, I attended first a ‘Legs Bums & Tums’ class before doing the Cross for about half an hour.
just 3.3km in about 35min. Hope next week's result will be better :)
This would be my gym plan for the next 7 days. I’ll try to go to the gym everyday (except for Friday). And knowing that there are just 7 (or shall I better say 6) more visits, makes me more motivated.

Wednesday (09/04)

  • Legs Bums & Tums + Zumba

Thursday (10/04)

  • Treadmill (trying to run 5k)

Friday (11/04)

  • BREAK (-_-)Zzzz

Saturday (12/04)

  • Body Sculpt + Treadmill

Sunday (13/04)

  • Zumba

Monday (14/04)

  • Body Sculpt

Tuesday (15/04)

  • Legs Bums & Tums + Cross

That’s it. Should be easy peasy to achieve *lol*

In addition, for the next 7 days – no more daily afternoon snakes like toblerone, twix, bounty or snickers or even crips. Makes a total calorie saving of about 1400cal. 

Lisa xoxo

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